NOBLE MAY Corporate Profile - Licensee Opportunity 2011

Thank you for your interest:

This site document will give you a brief overview on who we are, what we do and what our franchise licence program offers.

You will find it to be pretty informative and open, as it is in all of our dealings; we have no interest in hidden agenda or manipulation in any form, indeed the core of our success has been teaching this paradigm as the Language of Selling & Influencing with Integrity to major corporates here and in the USA Canada Asia N.Z and the UK.

In 2011: There are two distinct business divisions of Noble May.

  1. Corporate Training / Business Coaching / Corporate Seminars
  2. Website Development / Internet Business Development / Software & Apps

Corporate Training / Coaching / Seminars

Beginning in 1978 with sales training. Noble May now crates and markets a range of training programs, seminar events and personal development programs to many 1000’s of individuals / companies / associations /groups in Australia The USA, Canada, NZ, Asia, Europe and the UK. Our programs have a conversion ratio of over 95% from Presentation to Sale.

Website Development. New Business Generation from the Net. Software

We have over 20 years’ experience in designing and implementing computer systems while working with the Internet in understanding how to generate new business from search.

Today we are one of the most successful Internet Development Companies in the Country and a World leader in the field of Generating New Business from the Internet.

Indeed, as far as we can see we are the only company in the world able to do what we do consistently where we are able to Guarantee a Page 1 Google result for a client’s website AND their products.

It is not difficult to get a client’s website ranked on page 1 as it’s always a unique name such as Smiths Engineering. Getting this clients site to come up on page 1 for say searches for Laser Cutting demands a whole new level of skill which we have evolved over the past 8 years with investment of around $1.5M

We do this sort of thing every day securing Page 1 results for Product searches for our clients

Based on our experience over the past few years we feel we can make the statement that it is unlikely that there are many business anywhere in Australia with products which have such a high Client Interest Level

In a Nut Shell

We have been involved in direct selling for the past 40 years in Australia as owners and Senior management of a number of Major National Businesses employing many hundreds of sales staff

Never before have we experienced the level of conversion from a cold call to presentation or presentation to sale as we now do

We have analysed this result down to 2 major factors:

  1. Today’s clients are highly aware of choice and educated in the out-dated techniques used by salespeople consequently few salespeople have the skill level to sell to today’s clients
  2. The Internet is slowly eroding the effectiveness of traditional advertising methods such as yellow Pages, Newspaper ads, print media.. and yet, in its current form hasn’t provided an effective alternative. Everyone knows that new clients search on the net but ( as far as we can see) very few know how to get leads from the Net – we have spent the past 8 years almost 100% focused on this to where we now Guarantee Page 1 results and traffic for a client or we work for

In 100 lifetimes we can’t service the market potential here in Australia far less the other country’s we have clients in.

Consequently we are now offering a licence to work with us as an independent licensee promoting and marketing our product range

George May Sydney 2011